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Quarterly Fact Sheet

Jul 25, 2023

2Q23 Investor Fact Sheet


Quarterly Supplement

Jul 25, 2023

Quarter Ending Jun. 30, 2023


Our Investment Thesis

Our strategy is centered on delivering sustainable growth. With a portfolio comprised of real estate in the most convenient locations of the wealthiest U.S. suburbs, we are the premier partner for national, high-credit-quality retailers with significant access to capital. By optimizing our sites for the needs of the community, we are able to continually deliver long-term value to our shareholders and tenants.

Investing in ESG

Our focus on environmental, social, and governance initiatives is an essential part of our business strategy. We have an unwavering commitment to operating an ethical and sustainable business at every level of our company. For a comprehensive look at our ESG strategy, view our Corporate Sustainability Report.